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Layered Chocolate Cake

Chocolate. I don't think I've ever met a woman that did not like chocolate, and Jen is no exception. When we first met, she preferred milk chocolate but over time, this has evolved into a matured taste for dark chocolate.

Recipe Card (PDF) This is not my recipe - in fact it was actually my attempt to work on my paltry baking skills.  Came out pretty good if I may say so.  If you do try this, make it a project - this is a great way for couples to spend some time doing something together and ending with a good dessert.  One thing - follow the recipe to a T - it is critical.

The original recipe is from Sweetapolita.  I've posted the recipe on a card since it is quite long. Obviously my decorating skills aren't quite as good either but I'll keep at it. Jen's birthday is coming up and I have a special idea in mind so we'll see how that turns out...

Photos by MadeForJen
Recipe by Sweetapolita

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  1. I love that you cook and bake for Jen! The cake looks delicious...BRAVO. Excited to see your yummy savory and sweet treats here.