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Pork Chops + Creamy Noodles

A little idea can go a long way. This dinner mixes leftovers (the noodles) with some fresh ingredients (the chop and apple) to make a new meal.

The leftovers were some pappardelle noodles and some brussel sprouts. To freshen up the mix, I sauteed some onions lightly, added a tab of butter, a splash of unflavored almond milk, and a handful of cut soy mozzarella and heated until creamy, then added the noodles and brussel sprouts until hot, and finished with some minced chives. The bone-in pork chop was pan fried with garlic and sea salt (be sure to cook thoroughly but don't dry it out).

The apple is both a garnish and a sweet compliment to the savory creaminess and the pan-sear. The greens, well, just garnish but you could also lightly dress in a vinaigrette so the acidity provides a third flavor profile.