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The other day, I showed Jen this rather amazing site, Gilt Taste, and she nearly bowled over when she saw these amazing chocolate figs.

For those who have never seen Gilt Taste, it's a site that features mostly artisanal and hard-to-find culinary treats at cheaper-than-retail but the items are generally available only for a limited time.  I leave the sweet stuff to Jen, while I prefer to hang out in the meats and pantry sections.  My personal favorite was the (now sold-out) bacon jelly (yes, bacon jelly), but now I have my eye on a set of Artisan Bacons (see a recurring theme starting here?) to use as a base for some homemade bacon-flavored chocolates (sshh, don't tell Jen).

One more thing - as a software guy, I have to say that the site is so well done - clean and simple to use and with amazing attention to detail from the animated page headers (check out the flaming barbeque in the meats) to the super easy checkout.  Great job, Gilt!

What do you think you'd buy at Gilt?


  1. I love bacon jam! My husband does not understand my fascination but seriously you can't beat that sweet and savory/salty combination. There is a restaurant in DC that makes it on site and serves with the bread basket. To die!

  2. We have just finished making...wait for it...chocolate covered bacon strips. To be served with a dessert tomorrow night that I hope we get to photograph. Bacon and every variation of it should be served with all meals. Just kidding, but I love bacon too.

    1. oh my! Can't wait to feast my eyes on those yummy photos!

  3. I don't know whether to love you or hate you for sharing this site with us- but either way, a box of dark chocolate toffee is on it's way to me and my hubby! And I agree, the site is very well done- such gorgeous photos too.