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Helping Hands, Helping Hunger

Last week, NYC and the surrounding areas were smacked hard by Hurricane Sandy. We were so fortunate to have little more than some wind and rain, but it's heartbreaking how badly some were devastated and how even tons of preparedness could not have prevented the fallout.

The effects of the storm will be here for some time. While most have gotten back to their lives, there are still thousands who were displaced and left cold, unsheltered and hungry. Quite a few people from our church got together as part of its charitable ministry group Liberty City and went to the Lower East Side's Hernandez House where residents had no water or heat or electricity, and helped to distribute food and help carry water up the stairs for elderly residents.

And when our neighborhood, like many, held a drive to collect essentials and Jen jumped into action (one of the things I love most about her).

There are so many people in need today. If you have a little extra, and can, help out. A little heart goes a long way.

The storm sidelined cooking this week - hoping things will return to normal shortly :)

Image by MadeForJen

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