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Review: ABV

So neither Jen nor I really drink wine so it would be unlikely to find us in a wine bar but this little joint on in the Carnegie Hill area of the Upper East Side is worth the visit.

We managed to visit the place twice - once for late dinner and once for Sunday brunch. And both times, it was fantastic.

Beet salad with frisee and goat cheese
Very refreshing - the goat cheese is lighter than usual - almost like mascarpone, and the dressing is the right balance of sweet and acidic.

Gnocchi with butternut squash and morels
All I could say was "wow!" The mushrooms were fried until crisp so they had a texture and flavor something like bacon. The greens provided a bit of bitterness to balance the richness.

Breakfast Torta
Eggs, slab bacon, potatoes and avocado in crusty bread with rosemary fries.
Served as a sandwich it looks very unassuming but you will love it - rich, drippy egg yolks, diced fried potatoes and smoky bacon.

Eggs benedict (with a hash brown center)
Yum. What's a brunch without eggs benedict?

Images by MadeForJen (sorry for the graininess - they were shot in low light with an iPhone)

1504 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10029

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