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New Year, New Start

It's the new year and after a hectic but restful holidays I looked back and realized that it's been nearly a whole month since I did any semblance of a post. Ooops. Ok, so time to get back on the horse. Frankly, it's been difficult lately - in the wintertime, it gets dark out before I even leave work and photos of food look terrible without good daylight - so even though there's been a few good dishes (see some on Jen's Instagram), I haven't been inspired to post them because the pics were so bad.

That being said, I'm still getting my daily dose of food inspiration from Gilt Taste's online store and thought I'd post a few of my favorites here today and get myself kick-started.

Fresh Manchego
Mushroom Mix
Fresh Raw Oysters
Rose Apples

And Jen, my love, Happy Anniversary! Love you more than ever!

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