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The Butterfly NYC

OK, I've been horrible about posting. Unlike pro-blogger Jen, I get too caught up in everything else. So it's fair to say something has to push me over the top in order to suddenly decide to post something.

This cute little place came up in a random search and I'm hooked - partly because the name of the place is my nickname for her, but mostly because the food shots literally made me salivate.  I mean – Coca-cola ice cream? Squash blossoms with mozzarella? I'm in!

Butterfly Patty Melt – diner food at it's highest

Needs no introduction

All kinds of appetizers

Does it even matter? Yum!

Coco-cola ice cream with caramel corn and cherries. Done.

The Butterfly
225 West Broadway
New York City 10013

1 comment:

  1. Sounds delish! Please craft a review post once you've had a chance to visit. I would love to hear how it all tasted