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Right behind cooking, I love to tell Jen how much I love her. Guys - you cannot underestimate the impact the little things make.

For Valentine's Day a few years ago, I printed several pieces of cardstock with the word "LOVE" on it, cut them to 2"x1" and then threw them all over the place. I think there were about 600-700 in all. And yes, it was crazy to clean up. But it was so worth it. So here's a simple equation:


It doesn't have to cost anything, it doesn't require you to move a mountain. What it does require is to think, then do. Flowers are nice, but don't make it overly regular. Notes are nice, but put some thought into what you say.

So what can you do?  Here's a few ideas...
  • Write a note in dry erase (or lipstick) on the bathroom mirror
  • Buy a single serving (but special) dessert on the way home from work
  • Hide a note in the book she's reading
  • An unexpected email with more than just "Hey, how ya doin?"

Love to hear some others!

One more side note - maybe it's just me but if you do buy flowers, don't be cheap and buy the single rose - that's for high school. You're a big boy now, get a bunch. Wrapped. Doesn't have to be roses - there are tons of others you can get. Will write about that another day.


  1. Mat, this is the sweetest thing. You sound like you're such a good husband to Jen. I'm always amazed by the sweet things my husband does too. I love when he unexpectedly calls from work and asks me out on mini dates to lunch, and if I go out of town, he goes to so much effort to clean and make an amazing dinner. We usually don't have elaborate meals, but when we do, I love it!

    I remember seeing your cards on Jen's blog at some point, and it kind of melted my heart. I'm going to go leave a note in my guy's book now! :)

  2. Thanks Danie - actually you make a good point. Jen too does a whole lot of stuff - packs me little lunches, writes notes and leaves them in my bag, sets my clothes out, etc. Both ways it's important!

  3. I completely agree, it`s nice to see how much you show Jen you care. Something I like to do is when my husband travels or if he`s having a crazy week at work I`ll pick up some candies, a silly little nick nack or crazy pen and hide them in his briefcase. It always makes him smile.
    btw, I like the new layout of your blog, it`s alot nicer to read it this way.


  4. Great ideas.....I think some of us sometimes forget to nurture our relationships with sweet gestures. I'm really enjoying your recipes:)

  5. Wow, so nice of you to share this...i remember how amazed i was when i saw all those notes... thank you! oxox

  6. Wow, so nice of you to share this...i remember how amazed i was when i saw all those notes... thank you! oxox

  7. The husbands/BFs need to do a collective blog of Notes! Thanks!

  8. Jen is so lucky to have you! I'm sharing this with my boyfriend :D

  9. I am the lucky one to have HER actually! Thanks for the comments everyone :)

  10. I am leaving this up on my husband's computer screen :D thank you!!! and I just discovered your blog after drooling over the food pics on Made by Girl for forever :D

  11. This is great. I love the, "You're a big boy now" comment!