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No matter what you do, guys, don't forget the flowers.

Rules for the guys:
  1. Don't ever buy a single flower - that's so high school - buy a bouquet or a bunch.
  2. Buy the right color - notice what's in your/her place and color match it so it will pop but not clash.
  3. Buy a variety - buy seasonal varieties. Roses are beautiful but old and boring...especially for Valentine's Day. Surprise her with something more special and thoughtful.
  4. Be regular - do it often but don't make it exact (if you bring it home every Thursday, it's going to get dull - vary it up but bring new ones before the old ones die).

Rules for the gals:
  1. Help guide us a little. If you hate a particular type or color, just say so.
  2. Don't (always) be suspicious. Yes, we do buy flowers because we care, not just because we do something wrong.
  3. Appreciate. We know you do, but just say fanfare, just a thank you and a kiss will do.
Flowers, despite being perishable, are relatively cheap and they can completely change a room, make your woman smile (often), and just create something that other things can't do. It doesn't mean you can stop doing other things, but it adds to the repertoire.

Which reminds me, I better stop on the way home...

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  1. I need my hubby to read this. Such a great blog you have here with amazing recipes and photos. I love Jen's blog and art and so great to see such a wonderful and creative couple! Anastasia at decor is like butter