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Apricots are an amazing fruit. Aside from looking pretty in a plain bowl presentation, you can use them for a wide range of accompaniments:

  • Pit and cut the apricot into slices and put in a fresh leaf lettuce salad with goat cheese
  • Chop finely with pistachios, red onion, some oil, vinegar and sugar for a great meat relish
  • Chop and saute, then add soy sauce, sherry and a bit of brown sugar for a jam-like sauce
  • Add with raisins to cranberry sauce for a light twist on the traditional turkey side
  • Peel the skins and mash the flesh in a blender or food processor, add 1/2 package of unflavored gelatin and a bit of water then freeze into popsicles

Image from LiveStrong

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  1. Everything looks so delicious... Looking at your pics making me so hungry! :D great blog, I'm following.