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5 Things to Have in the Kitchen

One thing people ask a lot is how to stock their kitchen. Aside from having a good fresh market nearby, there are a few things to have that keep well and are versatile.  Five things I recommend (not necessarily just food):
  1. A sharp paring knife
  2. Nice plates (these are basic square ceramic plates for appetizers)
  3. Pea shoots (versatile, slightly sweet, keeps for over 10 days)
  4. Arugula (hearty, slightly bitter, easily mixes with vinaigrettes, can be served warm or cold)
  5. Sea salt (I prefer sel de mer - good course, grey sea salt from France)

What do you like to have on hand?


  1. So glad you will be sharing your recipes with us. YAY!


  2. I love this! I've been too chicken to try pea shoots but after hearing that they're slightly sweet I'll definitely give them a try! I like to always have some cilantro and rosemary on hand - two of my favorite herbs!

  3. try "fleur de sel" is from france too is a top

  4. Yes, fleur de sel (flower of salt) is an excellent choice - has a mild flavor and courseness along with the "wet" feel. It's usually light grey or tinted pink (the pink is from a salt marsh). Pick the French made one if you find it in the store - it is slightly more expensive but better than the more commercial Portuguese-made one. Thanks!

  5. I love your blog. Its easy to read and looks very fresh and modern without all the clutter. Your photos are clear and pop too. Very simple but packs a punch. I think your wife is amazing, thanks for sharing your recipes.

  6. Thanks! And yea, I think she's pretty amazing too!